Wedding Music – Planning For Your Big Day

Wedding Music – Planning For Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can start to seem a little bit daunting as the date grows nearer. With a to-do list a mile long and all sorts of things to consider, such as caterers, venues etc. a bride-to-be can start to feel the stress beginning to mount.

Then there is the added dilemma of the music…

Whilst most of your guests will assume that the biggest conundrum here is whether you plan on having a live band or a DJ, truth be told there is more to wedding music then meets the eye.

Firstly, it is not simply a case of creating a playlist for the reception. Music can play a very intricate part throughout the wedding day, not least of all during the ceremony, and the brides crowning moment of when her guests and her husband to be see her for the first time in all her splendour.

So what do you actually need to consider when planning the music for a wedding? Let’s break it down:

This is when the guest assembles for the ceremony and find their seats. There will be general mingling and the music for the prelude usually is played low in the background, giving just enough ambiance to set the tone for the ceremony.


A professional can be either a long or short affair depending on personal preference. In general, this music will be a slow-paced or acoustic piece that offers the ability to walk slowly and gracefully down the aisle.

Brides Entrance 

Following the processional, the bride enters often on the arm of her father, or a close male friend or relative. Often the music played for her entrance will be the same as a processional but for some bride, finding a song or piece of music that means something special to them or their future spouse is a more popular choice.


Now man and wife, the newly-weds parade their marriage down the aisle as they leave the ceremony. Some couples like to repeat their processional music, either with the same or a variation of the first, whilst other will pick a love song or another piece that represents them as a couple.

First Dance

This is likely the most important piece of music during the day, given that it is the first time a new husband and wife stand up together as newly-weds. This song often has a very special meaning for the couple though with more and more couples choosing to post their dance on the internet, more imaginative, funny dance routines are being done to the tunes of classic films and popular songs.

Daddy Daughter Dance

And of course, something of a new tradition in modern weddings, the father-daughter dance is usually an emotional dance where a daughter gets to say a figurative goodbye to the man in her former life for the man in her new. Once again sentiments vary, but popular choices include songs about fatherhood and loving one’s papa.

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