Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy of our followers is one of our greatest concerns. is a great resource site, and we would like to keep it that way without compromising the safety and privacy of our consuming end: you.

By using our site, you agree to the terms and privacy policy which are stated herein..

Information we collect or track:

1. Site Activity Data

Whenever you visit, our web servers automatically collect logged information such as your TCP/IP address, data, time, and files accessed. This is part of our access logs which are kept for a certain period of time. These logs are used only for site administration and performance. We do not disclose these data to third party groups.

2. Cookies

Your browser is capable of storing “cookies” which will allow you to have a more interactive experience with Freebie Web Resources. By doing so, you allow us to assist you to customize our content to match your preferences and needs. However, cookies do not in any way disclose personal information, unless you voluntarily do so.

3. Personal Information

This is perhaps the most integral aspect of your privacy which may be exposed upon your use of our site. Personal information such as your name, email address, and contact details may be collected but only upon your own disclosure of these data. This may transpire through certain activities such as when you send us an email or when you complete some of our online forms.

4.Policy Revisions

In the case of any modification of our privacy policy, you will be immediately informed through email. Still, you must know that this will not alter how we handled previously collected personal information from you.

5.Contact Us

If you have any queries or trepidations regarding our privacy policy, please contact