Tips For Bands Starting Out

Tips For Bands Starting Out

The guys at Quite Great Music PR deal with new artists and bands developing across the world everyday of our working lives and so get a great many insights into the way bands think and so on occasions it is good to draw on these developing artists to understand tips that they have used or really the way they see the music industry on all it’s levels. So here are some insights from a couple of acts that may help you in understanding a direction to take, first off check out Goldsands , here are some links and then I have asked them to put together some thoughts that may help . 


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People like to feel that the music they are listening to is authentic and Goldsands have delivered this authenticity by spending more than a week in Moseley composing, performing, recording and producing their first single A Place Far Away. They are now keen to get it the exposure they feel it deserves after more than a hundred hours of being in the studio, working until the early hours of the morning.

There are many bands that only have one or two elements of what it takes to reach their goals, whereas Goldsands have a marketable music product (combining stylistic elements of many successful bands such as: Radiohead, Coldplay, The Beatles) a clear idea of branding and the drive and enthusiasm to take the project to its maximum potential.

One perceived problem which Goldsands had is the recording environment. The bands single was recorded in an apartment converted into a home studio. While this could be perceived as amateurish by industry professionals, upon listening to it with no background information it would appear to be a recording just as well crafted as any other song in the same category.

Another perceived problem is that we have no history; we are starting from the ground up although this allows the single release, PR campaign, tour and a string of O2 Academy gigs to have a massive impact.

Goldsands demographic is so wide because of its clear diverse musical influences; it could appeal to several generations similarly to bands like Coldplay and Radiohead. This could be replicated in the PR strategy that our guys at are helping us to develop. 

Then there is the hook, something within the band that means a great deal emotionally and links music and artist closely together . James Orr of the eighties band was Goldsands guitarist James Barton’s first guitar teacher at primary school. After losing touch, with James going off to senior school and Jim perusing new musical ventures, they reconnected in 2016 over Facebook. The previous year Jim had fought off a brain tumour against all the odds, some might call this fate because without this reconnection the single could not have been recorded at Jim’s apartment in Moseley. Jim acted as a mentor throughout the entire recording process, providing much needed wisdom to an upcoming band who have yet to experience the industry Jim has been involved with for more than 30 years. 

Throughout musical history brothers have played a pinnacle role in the development of popular music. From the Davies brothers of The Kinks to the Gallagher brothers, their chemistries and cosmic connections are hard to ignore. The Rhodes brothers of Goldsands are no different and this is conveyed in their compositions, performances and general vibe. It was also by chance that James Barton (Guitar), Liam Naylor (Drums) and Ramsey Ronalds (Synth/Keys) had chosen to be placed in a random apartment when applying for student accommodation but by some strange cosmic sequence of events ended up in the same flat when they could have so easily have been placed in completely different flats.  When the brothers met these three at the prestigious Leeds College of Music a special bond was formed, this was the catalyst to Goldsands determination to show the world their music.

The undefined sense of genre in the music is a reflection of the different musical background from its members. Liam is a rock drummer, Tom (Bass) studies Jazz, Ramsey (Synth) studies production, James is from an ambient guitar background and Matt (Vocals and Keys) is a sucker for a pop hook. 

The effort the Goldsands guys put into thinking about all aspects of the music and the make up of the band are a good top tip indication for all bands on how deeply to look into all things that make your band tick and the discovery of band and artist back stories are one of the most enthralling aspects to what the music team at QuiteGreat do all day long .

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