5 Things You Need At Your Party

5 Things You Need At Your Party

Every party is a reflection of the person throwing it. Whether you love cutting loose and having fun, or you’re more into reserved and comfortable gatherings, party-goers will learn a lot about you simply from attending.

There’s no right or wrong way to throw a party; every single one is as unique as possible, yet nearly every party would benefit from having these five items.  Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same!

Live Musical Entertainment

Live musical entertainment isn’t just a DJ plugging his iPhone into a speaker.  Instead, consider changing it up and going for something more your guests will find exciting. Fun musical impersonators can perform, charm the crowd, and have people second-guessing if they’ve met a star!  On the other hand, local bands, solo singers, and oldies singers can all offer their skills to your music.  Consider what the best fit for your party is, and then follow through!

Fantastic Dining Options

Don’t let your guests get bored with pizza and wings at yet another party.  A hard-shell taco bar can be fun the first couple of times, but eventually, it gets old, and people want something new.  Consider switching it up and offering Korean BBQ options to cook themselves to quirky dessert bars like your own ice cream buffet.  Give your guests the fun fantasies that food can offer, and they’ll never forget the party!

Excuses to Mingle and Talk

There’s no reason a party should go quiet. Keep people excited and talking by tossing in occasional games. These could be fun classics like trivia or twists on drinking games like Never Have I Ever. These conversation starters are fun, a little flirty, and will allow guests to get to know each other.

Entertainment Isn’t Just Music!

Many assume music is the only type of live entertainment they can have at a party: this isn’t true!  You can hire entertainers like illusionists, drag queens, or even sad clowns and create whatever party you want. The general rule of thumb is no more than one per fifty people. Otherwise, they might step on each other’s feelings and feel like they’re shorted tips. If you want to hire more than one performer, it’s good to run the idea past performers when hiring them.  Some may even have acts that theirs pairs well with, which would save you from having to search!

Guests Who Know How To Have Fun!

This sounds like an obvious thing, but many people invite everyone in their contact list and call it a day.  Do you think that one coworker you’ve spoken to once with who you have nothing in common with is going to be fun at a party?  Think about quality instead of quantity, and invite people who would create a fun cocktail of partying and enjoying yourselves.  Your guests are as much a part of the party as the food and entertainment, so set the party up for success by ensuring the guest list is incredible.

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