Common Services Offered By Film Production Companies

Common Services Offered By Film Production Companies

Making a film is not as easy as it might seem. An hour-long movie might take more than a year to shoot and complete. Apart from the principal photography and general shooting, there are a whole host of different processes that need to be completed before the film is primed for release. Most of the work is done by private film production companies. While a single company may be enough to shoot and process a movie, there are certain projects which require collaboration between several film production enterprises.

For instance, Hollywood movies are generally made with collaboration between several speciality companies. One company might be tasked with handling all of the special effects, while other may be responsible for dealing with the principal photography and camera shooting, etc. If you are looking to hire a film production company in UAE, you need to know about the many services that they offer. Here are some of the most important services offered by film production companies:


This is the part where the film is planned and designed. This part requires a lot of creativity, because the film crew must come up with unique and engaging ideas for how each set is going to look. Obviously, realism is extremely important when creating a scene and putting it on film. Pre-production is focused on the design of the sets, costumes, props, and the dialogue to be spoken by the cast.


What format will the film be shot in? What’s the genre of the film? What special effects will the film include? What’s the total budget of the film? These are just some of the many questions that will be answered in this phase.

Post Production

Post production generally takes up a great deal of time. Whereas principal shooting and photography may be completed within a few months, post production is all about adding in the visual effects, the sound effects, altering the camera angles, editing certain scenes, and making sure that the film looks as good as possible.

In many cases, post production might take several months or even a year or two. It all depends upon the amount of post-production required on the film. For instance, if it is a sci-fi flick with a lot of digital effects, it will obviously require a lot of post-production work. Every frame in every scene will have to be meticulously edited in order to make sure that it meets the requirements of the film. Many film production companies work with separate post-production houses in order to get the best possible services.

Location Filming

Where will the movie be shot? In order to have a more authentic-feeling movie, location filming is necessary. Whether the movie will be shot in a five-star hotel in Dubai or the deserts near Morocco, location filming is one of the most important stages of the production process. These are just some of the many services offered by film production companies across the globe.